Hi!­ This is Michael.

He's a Berlin based designer who is interested in creating interfaces, loves typography and investigates design theory. His work is heavily influenced by music, tea and eager enthusiasm. If you ask Michael, design has the power to change the world.
How can I help you?

Michael can solve­ your (design) problems

Oh, can he?

Sure! I have several years of experience in the design field and a very skilled plus flexible mind. Due to my vast experience in other studies and my deep interest in society, I offer a lot more that design itself. Test me!

How fast?

Ultrafast! That’s what you want to read, at least, right? I’m well known for my fast approach on problem solving, but good design work takes its time. However, I do enjoy working night shifts for great projects to do your heart good.

But it’s cheap, right?

Let’s be honest. You don’t want cheap quality for your project, so you should consider that your designer deserves a fair payment. What that means specifically, depends very much on my interest in your project and the working conditions (time, quality of briefing) you offer.

What if I need more?

Don’t worry and lean back. I’ll not just create the overall concept and designs. If your project needs an extra bit of coding, vector graphics or illustrations, I am happy to get in touch with specialists in these fields to make you entirely happy.

Short biography

Michael was born in 1987 and lived most of his life by the sea. It was the salt in the air that made him feel strong ties to the ocean. At University of Rostock, he pursued a career in the fields of Political Science at first. The ability to work with scientific methods and write papers would later help him also as a designer. Michael holds both a BA degree in Political Science and Modern European History.

Exploring the vast fields of design was for fun back then. By chance, Michael joined the student magazine where he could play in a 4-colored sandbox. Typography soon became a major interest and has yet developed to a strong skill. Working for a business in Rostock for several years, he was trained in interface design as well.

Soon, design became Michael's main focus, leading him to abandon his Master's thesis. Instead, he started to study Design at the University of Applied Science Potsdam. His studies at a well recognized design school enabled him to further develop. Being interested both in print and interface design, Michael got into in all kinds of design work. Meeting a lot of great and creative minds helped to train a versatile view on the world. Driven by his former studies, design theory was added to his interests.

Since 2009, Michael works as a freelance designer. His clients appreciate his comprehension as well as his creativity. Being both a team player and team leader, he can make use of a large creative network. Michael's has strong analytical abilities and combines theory and practice very well. Asking the right question is often the first step to a solution. He's also in love with execution and reknown for his very fast but exact approach both in print and web design.

Tackling all things print and web, Michael enjoys being an open-minded designer. Having a broader view on things helps to create better products, which is a key to Michael's work ethic. A recent internship at a digital agency proved his abilities. It also helped to boost his his team player skills as well as his understanding of user focused design.

Though being around as a designer for many years, Michael wants to become a much better creative. He believes that reading and writing help as well as being an avid music listener and bass player. There's more to a designer's mind than knowing how to use Sketch and InDesign.

Michael writes about the design world and his work as a freelance designer on his Medium blog.

Who are Michael’s clients?

Michael created beautiful print design, easy to use interface design and great user experiences for many clients, such as Deutsche Bahn, etventure, Digital Innovation Lab Berlin, BBDO Warsaw, Snickers, University of the Arts Berlin, Social Democratic Party Germany (SPD), FinTechCube, and more.

Be sure to check a current project: Codecks – a project management tool for game designers.

The portfolio is still under reconstruction. Please get in touch for more information.

Get in touch

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Do you have a certain project in mind? That’s great! Let us find out what I can do for you. I will answer your message as soon as possible. If you have something really urgent, give me a call : + 49 179 28 18 499

Let’s get to work!